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does KB936357 patch kill VS2005? (probably KB928365 instead)

July 11th, 2007

As you could read in my previous post, my devenv.exe stopped working since last Patch Tuesday updates. Since rebooting and even reinstalling the entire VS2005 suite didn’t resolve the problem, I’ve tried the only other approach I could think of apart from reformating my laptop: reverting the windows updates. I made an extra backup of my data, and the first update I tried to uninstall was KB936357, a microcode patch for the Intel Core 2 Duo (which my system runs on). Surprisingly, devenv.exe came back alive!

What’s going on here? Does devenv.exe rely on a quirk of the Core 2 Duo that is now patched by that update? Or is it all just coincidence? Yet, the patch seems to be a critical update.

Hopefully to be continued …

update 11th July 2007: I tried to reinstall the patch, and this time, things are still working (knocking on wood). So, perhaps it was just a one-time quirk of the gods?

update 12th July 2007: It seems that other people have experienced the same problems as well. Though they’re reporting the KB928365 update as the culprit, which is a security update for the .NET Framework v2.0. Same symptoms, uninstalling/reinstalling the patch did the trick. It’s quite weird that uninstalling a different patch resolved the problem (I have the KB928365 patch installed as well), and that reinstalling that patch didn’t result in the same problem again. So, maybe the real culprit is still something else?

The Registry is also reporting on problems due to .NET updates of last Patch Tuesday, though their reference is to patch MS07-040 of KB931212 which actually includes KB928365 and KB928366

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