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archive for 2008

The Next Big Thing, 13 Nov 2008, part 2

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Two weeks ago, I reported on the first three bands that hit the stage on The Next Big Thing showcase night by Keremos. So that means you still have three more left. For these bands, I replaced the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens by my wide-angle zoom EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM. Though two stops slower, […]

Python string interpolation trick

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Today, I will show you a trick that may help you with the heavier string formatting jobs in Python. Most people using Python know how to format output using string interpolation. It works much like C’s sprintf, except for the funny % operator: >>> a = “the Knights” >>> b = “Ni” >>> “we are […]

The Next Big Thing, 13 Nov 2008, part 1

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Last month, I went to The Next Big Thing at Trix, a showcase night presented by Keremos. Six promising young bands on the rise populated the bill: The Galacticos, Arquettes, Steak Number Eight, Team William, Kawada and Roadburg. That much good on one night was a perfect opportunity to go and shoot some pictures. For […]

manuals on software optimization

Friday, December 5th, 2008

While looking for some info on 64 bit masm, I stumbled on Agner Fog’s site with five comprehensive manuals on software optimization. Each covers a different topic: optimizations in C/C++ and assembly, microarchitectures, instruction tables and calling conventions.

Dollarqueen @ Du Gaz, 8 Nov 2008

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

After the After All gig, I rode back with Piet Focroul to Du Gaz in Bruges, where Dollarqueen was giving a show: a fairly new band but with experienced musicians, pure rock ‘n roll with a touch of blues and a hint of The Doors. Their songs just get stuck in your head (my personal […]

After All @ Blikfest, 8 Nov 2008

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I accompanied After All to a gig for the second time, , . And just like the previous time, it was a great experience. The venue was JC Togenblik in Beveren-Waas, Belgium of course, where the fifth edition of the Blikfest metal festival was organized. I didn’t see much of […]

Waxdolls @ Vijverpop 2008

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

The night after Best of the West (see previous post), two members of QuiOui performed at Vijverpop as the Waxdolls. They are called the electropunk revelation of Bruges or Ghent (depends on who’s reporting it =), and they definitely have a bright future ahead. Vijverpop is a festival organised by a school in Bruges. Though […]

Best of the West …

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

It’s been exactly two months ago that I’ve followed QuiOui for a second time to a concert. But somehow, I’ve only now managed to get all pictures online … Place to be was JC Ten Goudberge in Wevelgem. The concert bill featured all medallists of Westtalent 2007: Low Vertical, QuiOui and Steak Number Eight. The […]

Morda @ BoscoRock 2008

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

I’ve known Morda pretty much since the early days. Vague memories of some gigs in the Frontline, at the old location opposite to the Vooruit. Innerface, of the split album with Trust, still is one of my favourite tracks, on par with much of the Azerion album (which is just awesome, btw). Knowing their guitar […]

photo gallery update

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any update my photo gallery (ignoring the band shots of Waxdolls and Kudos). The Red Rock Rally pictures, take about a month ago, are finally uploaded now. My friends from Kudos participated in the contest and went home with the audience award. I feel a bit bad about […]