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pycpuid 0.2

October 1st, 2009

It’s been more than two years since I’ve released the first version of my pycpuid module for Python. I haven’t been using it since, but as some people do, I decided to upgrade it a little. The result is It’s still an unfinished work (I would like to add some more of the high level functions), but as progress came to a standstill again, I’m releasing it as is. Here’s the changelog:

  • The feature abbreviations now resemble the ones in the Intel and AMD documentation.
  • features() is now a function and returns a list of strings, instead of being a comma separated string.
  • Added some functions like vendor() and brand_string() as handy wrappers.
  • pycpuid is now a combination of a pure python module and an extension _pycpuid.c. The extension module is only responsible for the actual cpuid call. All the fancy wrapper bits are implemented in Python.
  • Added gcc support. Using __cpuid intrinsic on MSVC to support x64.

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