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BNR Metal Pages search plugin for Firefox and IE7

January 7th, 2008

Using the BNR Metal Pages search plugin in Firefox

The BNR Metal Pages is some sort of encyclopedia of metal bands. I’ve been using it seens ages to look up lineups – present and past – and released albums. Thanks to the yearly top tens and the author’s commentaries you often also get a fairly good view of what records to buy as an introduction to a band.

To ease access to the pages, I’ve made a search plugin for both Firefox and IE7, and other browers that support the OpenSearch search engine specification. It sits right there in the corner where you find that search field for Google or Live Search, as an alternative engine to select. It’s like some sort of intelligent bookmark. To use the plugin, you select the BNR Metal Pages search engine from the drop down box, enter the keywords and hit return.

To install the plugin, you can either use a direct install within the browser, or download the file first and install it manually (if you know how =). I also have given the plugin to the owner of the site who’s glad to try it out himself.

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