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dreamhost slip-up made me a profit

January 22nd, 2008

You remember this little slip-up of DreamHost? While some people got into serious troubles with overcharges, which is of course totally to be regretted, in my case I actually made a profit out of this. How? Well, let’s see:

  • On 16 January, they charged me 119.40 USD at a rate of 1.459 USD per EUR, which is 81.85 EUR.
  • They refunded me the same amount on 18 January at 1.447 USD per EUR, which is 82.51 EUR.

So, I’ve made a net profit of 0.66 EUR or 0.96 USD! That’s 0.8%. Well, it’s not much of course, but who knows? It might be the start of a small fortune =)

How do I regard DreamHost after this two million dollar mistake? Rather positively, I think. Of course, I wasn’t one of those people who got in financial problems, but I do appreciate their open and honest way of dealing with it. Maybe a little too open, if you read their first blog post. At least, they didn’t try to cover it up, and are willing to compensate everyone who got overcharges beyond the actual refund without whining over it. Even to refund the remaining of your contract if you decide to leave because of this. Are they going to loose money? Are they going to loose customers? Sure thing, but perhaps this way, it’s going to save their face on the long run.

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