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Dollarqueen @ Du Gaz, 8 Nov 2008

November 25th, 2008

After the After All gig, I rode back with Piet Focroul to Du Gaz in Bruges, where Dollarqueen was giving a show: a fairly new band but with experienced musicians, pure rock ‘n roll with a touch of blues and a hint of The Doors. Their songs just get stuck in your head (my personal favourites: The bomb and Rock ‘n roll star).

The light conditions couldn’t have been more different than on Blikfest: static and dim. Perfect conditions to try out my new Sigma 30mm f/1.4. And with a crowd as packed as in Du Gaz on that night, the wide angle 30mm was very welcome (well, technically, due to the crop factor, it actually is equivalent to the standard FOV).

Slow shutterspeeds, lots of motionblurred pictures, ugly colours only suitable for black and white. And yet, somehow I love it! I’m especially fond of the following detail of a microphone waiting on the floor with behind it a pair of feet tapping on the rhythm of the music:

Kudos to Piet for the hospitality and introduction to this wonderful band!

link to complete photo series

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