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photo gallery update

June 8th, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any update my photo gallery (ignoring the band shots of Waxdolls and Kudos). The Red Rock Rally pictures, take about a month ago, are finally uploaded now. My friends from Kudos participated in the contest and went home with the audience award. I feel a bit bad about this delay, but now everything is getting up to speed again. There are three sets of pictures: the headliners of the night Balthazar and Absynthe Minded, and of course Kudos.

Absynthe Minded @ Red Rock Rally 2008 (by Bram de Greve)

A while ago I also added Steak Number Eight playing at BoscoRock, and you can expect pictures of Morda playing there very soon. Finally there are others still of QuiOui, Low Vertical, Steak Number Eight again, and Waxdolls from other gigs … phew!

PS: kudos to lyc, no pun intended.

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